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Virtual assistants

50 Years experience at the top levels in business and government. Executive Administrator to CEO's, CFO's, board chairmen and company presidents. 

Worked in Dept. of Labor, oil and gas, as well as major wholesale and retail companies. Small business owner and consultant for over 25 years.

Our Services

Virtual Administration


· Answer and direct phone calls; organize correspondence and answer emails

· Prepare and organize databases and reports

· Manage social media accounts and replies i.e.: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter 

· Blog maintained and updated 

· Handle confidential employer and client information

· Excel creation and execution

· Schedule meetings and arrange employer’s calendar; schedule meeting spaces and conference rooms

· Arrange payments for vendors, travel, and sales expenses

· Create purchase orders and track and manage payments

· Present excellent customer-service skills to customers and clients

· Manage filing systems, update records, and organize documentation

· Prepare and create PowerPoint presentations and materials as needed; research materials and sources for presentations

Business Development/Customer Service/Sales and Marketing/Social Media -Resume

Business development

  • Combined 50 years in retail, wholesale and service industries.  Twenty years in retail as store turnaround and troubleshooter. Twenty years experience in developing a wholesale business from the ground up.  Five years in the event rental business in business development.  Five years freelancing, including owning a leadership and management training franchise. 

Useful Info

Remote admin help

Who we are

 Your Office SOS provides four "E's" excellent, experienced ,efficient and effective solutions for your office. We are seasoned professionals and deliver excellent tailor made services, designed to fit your needs, not ours. Services are flexible and can be provided for a few hours a day, a week, a month or as frequently as required, enabling businesses and organizations the time to focus and achieve their objectives without the expense, hassle and drama of employing staff.

Upcoming networking meetings

We generally attend as many local networking events as time permits.  You will find these events on "Meetup" 


Testimonials and references

We can and will provide upon request many highly complimentary references and testimonials from former clients and employers.  

Promotions, pricing and current deals

Since we are just starting we have package deals and favorably priced special offers. Pricing is determined after a consultation and evaluation of your needs and wants.

30 minute business evaluation and consultation

Contact us for details. We can do a Marcus Lamonis  (The Profit) or a Shark Tank evaluation of your business or idea. We have been doing this for 50 years and have read over 3,000 books. Not just reading books - implementing them in the real, rough and tumble business world.

Mentoring and coaching

We want to give back. Our Mission Statement is to give back and invest our time and talents to help others achieve their life's mission and purpose. Contact us.